How to De-Stress at Your Desk

August 22, 2015. Author: Darrin Zeer

The last thing we want to do when we feel stressed is take a relaxation break.

But that is just what your achy body and anxious mind needs to help you keep your cool.

We have all felt the effects of hunching over the keyboard and staring at the computer screen for long periods of time. It literally sucks the life right out of us. Let alone decreases our productivity. But don’t lose hope.

Below are five quick-and-easy yoga-inspired stretches that will help you feel refreshed and de-stressed.

Kick-Back, Log-on Pose: While sitting at your desk, interlace your fingers behind your head.

Breathe and stretch your elbows back and your chest forward. Relax your head and neck.

Take two deep breathes.

Keyboard Calisthenics: Place your hands in a prayer position, palms tight together and lower your palms straight down.

Next interlace your fingers and rotate your hands in wide circles.

Separate your hands and make tight fists, roll the fists slowly in wide circles.

Then, stretch all ten fingers as wide apart as possible.


Knee To Nose: While sitting, interlace your fingers under one knee or thigh. Bend your knee up and relax your forehead towards your knee.

Relax your neck.

Feel your core strength.

Relax and switch sides.

Twist & Shout: Cross your left ankle over your right leg.

Place your right hand on the crossed knee or thigh.

Inhale — feel your spine growing taller.

Exhale — gently turn your body to the left and look behind you.

Try to grab onto the back of your chair with your left arm. Be gentle as you twist your neck.

Return to center and switch sides.

Inhale and twist the other way.

Rag Doll Pose: While sitting in your chair, inhale and lift your arms.

Exhale slowly lower your torso down, resting on your lap.

Let your arms and hands dangle. Relax your forehead down.

Stretch only as deep as it feels good.

Breathe and relax deeper down towards the floor.

On an inhale, slowly sit back upright.

Repeat a few rounds.

Stress can overwhelm and literally have us trying to hold our breath. By taking long, slow, deep inhales and exhales, your body will relax and your busy mind will begin to unwind.

Especially when you are stretching, it’s most important to focus on the breath. Inhale, deep down into your belly, feel your body growing taller and expanding. Exhale, imagine your body relaxing and softening.

Make calm a priority in your life and you will be more able to deal with the hectic pace of our multitasking lives.

These energizing Chair Yoga stretches are adapted from my best-seller Office Yoga.

Through my books and classes I have worked with over a million people for more than two decades. All I can say is that it works. Please give it a try.

Practice these stretches whenever you have a few moments — at your computer, in between calls or whenever.